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Producing Quality Corn Silage

Khan’s Corn Silage is one of the world-class nutritionally rich ensiled feed for dairy and beef animals. A product of Tasman Agro Ltd is commercially available in the Bangladesh market since 2016. It boosts milk and meat production. A high dry matter, mixes of crushed grains & fibers, and bio-preservations without added preservatives increase metabolic activity and shelf-life of the feed.

Tasman Agro Ltd mastered the local art of biomass processing and packing, showing the sustainable way of raising home-grown technology for widening market-led roughage feed baskets in the country.

A longer shelf-life, bright brown-greenish color, and aroma flavor make our silage attractive to buyers. We believe in ethics, human rights, & women's empowerment, and favor farmers`  profit through competitive price offers for quality products.